Chris Paul on the Suns Game 1 Win vs Nuggets! ☀ | Postgame Press Conference 

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Chirs Paul discusses the Suns Game 1 win.

Game 2: Wednesday 6/9/21, 9:30pm ET on TNT

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8-Iyn, 2021



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Rovin Enusban
Rovin Enusban 2 kun oldin
cp3 lookin like a g@y guy working in a tux shop
Edward Parham
Edward Parham 6 kun oldin
GG 44™️☸️💪🏾♏🌏👼🏾🖼️ Groot's for humanity and underdogs confidence ✅✊🏾👈🏾🔁
Edward Parham
Edward Parham 6 kun oldin
That part GG
SuperNASCARrocks 6 kun oldin
The point god. Looking forward to game 2. Go Suns.
Jon Dave
Jon Dave 6 kun oldin
Newbrazzersmedic MIntenanace
Junior Rodriguez
Junior Rodriguez 6 kun oldin
Ring fro Cp3
Nick Watson
Nick Watson 6 kun oldin
If anybody deserves a ring it's Chris
Işıldayan gözler Ömer Öğretmen
#ışıldayangözlerömeröğretmen kolay gelsin
Işıldayan gözler Ömer Öğretmen
Ted Graham
Ted Graham 6 kun oldin
Never seen chris dress like that.. but then chokers are not it ..
PK5 6 kun oldin
People severely overlook Monte Williams, hes a phenomenal coach and should’ve never lost a job
Andrew Griffith
Andrew Griffith 6 kun oldin
He’s not the same coach he used to be, he talks about how he’s learned from all of those experiences
Elyas Bin Yahya Rucker
What’s with the echoey feedback?
Captain America
Captain America 6 kun oldin
We just gotta hope he gets healthy tho
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan 6 kun oldin
CP3: Victorious Spidad: MURMURS
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan 6 kun oldin
Blake: Ayo Watch & Learn Marv Albert: The *STUFF
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan 6 kun oldin
KD: Transcendent Giannis: Can't Contain
J Prince
J Prince 6 kun oldin
What made you feel like commenting that on Chris Paul’s post game interview? Your aware this has nothing to do with the nets
ruben gutierrez
ruben gutierrez 6 kun oldin
Stay healthy CP-3, and the Suns will go to the NBA Finals!
Gurdeep Singh
Gurdeep Singh 3 kun oldin
Nets are waiting
Potential 6 kun oldin
His ability to play the pick and roll extremely well with ayton, while also finding shooters like booker, crowder, and Johnson in the biggest moments of the game is what makes him so valuable
Veronika Curtis
Veronika Curtis 2 kun oldin
He's rubbing off on booker..booker is becoming even more lethal as he works the midrange jumper like paul
Chef Uzamaki
Chef Uzamaki 6 kun oldin
like a good neighbor the goat is here
Beast Incarnate
Beast Incarnate 6 kun oldin
I hope Paul will get his First NBA Championship 😂
PK5 6 kun oldin
@Tha Don lmao bruh who’s guarding the big 3? What type of dumbass question is that
PoWer_UpXx x
PoWer_UpXx x 6 kun oldin
@pat gonzales Chris Paul
Beast Incarnate
Beast Incarnate 6 kun oldin
@Bandido Ng Sapang Bato what do you mean? so far your reply on my comment that i don't understand. How about a plain *English Comment* so i can understand your reply.
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight 6 kun oldin
@pat gonzales For real. I've been a CP3 fan his whole career. I'd love for him to win the championship but no one stopping Brooklyn when KD plays like this.
pat gonzales
pat gonzales 6 kun oldin
@Tha Don who gon guard KD ?! 😂
Ahad Kamran
Ahad Kamran 6 kun oldin
Chris paul has such a big impact on every *team* he plays for.Edit y'all make such a big reaction over a typo
yoni Yt
yoni Yt 6 kun oldin
Adam 6 kun oldin
bruh, *time*
Nov3m 6 kun oldin
you mean hes a time traveller?!
Toxicoxide 6 kun oldin
@Greggy Ramirez ikr lol
Greggy Ramirez
Greggy Ramirez 6 kun oldin
You mean every "team"?
Goatgod Lovelace
Goatgod Lovelace 6 kun oldin
Chris is overrated
Jay Murthy
Jay Murthy 6 kun oldin
Glorified journeyman player
Master_Profile 6 kun oldin
nah he has a super big impact on the team
Thr33s211s 6 kun oldin
As a Nuggets fan I’m not impressed
Thr33s211s 6 kun oldin
@The Dark Knight Yep
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight 6 kun oldin
Still feeling salty, huh?
Juan Lemus
Juan Lemus 6 kun oldin
Just please stay healthy man
Lukas Gordon
Lukas Gordon 6 kun oldin
ŠUB ZERØ 6 kun oldin
CP looking like a Jodeci backup singer
Don Bush
Don Bush Kun oldin
Willy 3 kun oldin
Marcus Moore
Marcus Moore 6 kun oldin
Rolando Mota
Rolando Mota 6 kun oldin
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry 6 kun oldin
Chris getting carried😑
Cole 6 kun oldin
you're cringe
Want great sleep
Want great sleep 6 kun oldin
Damn curry
Crissy G
Crissy G 6 kun oldin
Chris was Big in the Clutch!!
Y D 6 kun oldin
NBA cult
Gex craft
Gex craft 6 kun oldin
Тут русские есть?
Gex craft
Gex craft 6 kun oldin
@Богдан Хмельницкий ура
jon Q
jon Q 6 kun oldin
He needs at least one more gold chain.
Veronika Curtis
Veronika Curtis 2 kun oldin
They don't seem to go together you right he needs one in the middle of them with some kind of charm
Toxicoxide 6 kun oldin
The last traditional point guard
Lil J
Lil J 6 kun oldin
@Uriel Nba nah
Uriel Nba
Uriel Nba 6 kun oldin
Kinky Mist
Kinky Mist 6 kun oldin
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer 6 kun oldin
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
Chris Paul is the last of a dying breed
RTY79 3 kun oldin
Chris Paul is the illizt!
Asher Jones
Asher Jones 6 kun oldin
@kevin lopez melo be popping 3s like crazy tho
kevin lopez
kevin lopez 6 kun oldin
Don’t forget Melo
Devin Booker
Devin Booker 6 kun oldin
dont forget about rondo
RJ2395 wys
RJ2395 wys 6 kun oldin
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