CP3 on the Suns Taking Game 2! ☀ | Postgame Press Conferences 

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9-Iyn, 2021



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Eriverto Gonsalez
Eriverto Gonsalez 4 kun oldin
He is a ball killer if you aint ready its over I hope we face the suns in the WCF but there's a lot to wait nothing is set and ready.
PK5 4 kun oldin
U can tell they have a ton of passion and a desire to win
Blake W
Blake W 4 kun oldin
Chris Paul got you haters quiet 🤫 where’s all that washed up shit now 👀
kris5596 4 kun oldin
I hope suns lose
dvs620 4 kun oldin
Why does CP3 look like he's going to sail with Steve Zissou after the game?
VegasOdds 4 kun oldin
Can't wait to see the champ ring, CP3. Really think the Suns could win this 🔥
That's not CP3! That's Kid Cudi. I ain't falling for THAT again.
TGA FIT 4 kun oldin
Damn I see them getting out the west but them nets would get them outta there in 6 imo but at least CP3 would have WCF on his belt
Erwin Sumpay
Erwin Sumpay 5 kun oldin
Phoenix wins because murray is out !
Blake W
Blake W 4 kun oldin
So what?
THE _ G.O.A.T 5 kun oldin
Too bad
OgGuak420 5 kun oldin
That shirt with Chris and all his sons
David Zieleniewski
David Zieleniewski 5 kun oldin
Jake from state farm was a white guy what happened, lol
ParkinGlass 5 kun oldin
I came here for the outfit
Christian Lowery
Christian Lowery 5 kun oldin
I can happily say I’m proud to be from Arizona. Ain’t been able to say that since 2006 😂
patricia jordan
patricia jordan 5 kun oldin
@jeff tanof yes the african american hollywood celebrities do lighten their skin color. Several articles mentioned they use a orange peeling lightening lotion fer.la/72 from japan which easily turns their dark skin light.This is not really surprising these days it seems everybody changes their appearance,they should be honest about it though.
Erroll Brown
Erroll Brown 5 kun oldin
Clark is on suicide watch Rn😭🤣
arizjones 5 kun oldin
Sure looks different on those State Farm commercials
Efran Kinlecheenie
Efran Kinlecheenie 5 kun oldin
Like a good neighbor haha
Dwight White
Dwight White 5 kun oldin
Clearly CP3 was robbed of MVP
Y Z 5 kun oldin
NBA feels like D league right now with better paychecks, at the hotel room eating.
Blake W
Blake W 4 kun oldin
Awww, tell the Lakers to do better next time 😂 🗑
ECI 10
ECI 10 5 kun oldin
@SamSquad In other words he’s sad the Lakers are at home.
SamSquad 5 kun oldin
Hwanoh Chung
Hwanoh Chung 5 kun oldin
It would have been perfect if the hat had a StateFarm logo on it🤣
Phil.K 4 kun oldin
It would have been even better if he turned into a basketball mid interview.
mike Panthermike
mike Panthermike 5 kun oldin
I think CP3 talks too much to westbrook
LeGOAT James
LeGOAT James 5 kun oldin
The Suns really about to go all the way
I Am Dolo
I Am Dolo 5 kun oldin
Or the Jazz
I Am Dolo
I Am Dolo 5 kun oldin
I hope so
John Ben Castro
John Ben Castro 5 kun oldin
Suns Vs Nets
mzztter08 5 kun oldin
The real MVP
286mic 5 kun oldin
Imagine if the sun's played the Nets in the finals and cp3 beats Harden. It'd be so poetic to beat those three guys.
Andrey 4 kun oldin
No one is beating the Nets... they're waaay to stacked.
286mic 4 kun oldin
@luh2134 you should probably learn to comprehend what you read. I said "imagine" meaning a hypothetical (google it). I didn't say they WILL win, just a what if. Which we're allowed to discuss, no? Or are you so real that you just accept the fact that your education level has plateaued and you'll be like this forever?
luh2134 4 kun oldin
And dont get mad get glad extra wrap
luh2134 4 kun oldin
you living in fairy land
R R 4 kun oldin
Nah, Nets too strong
3lement2010 5 kun oldin
My Bucks are most likely gonna get swept by the Nets. If I have to root for a team to win it all I would pick the Suns. Chris Paul is wayyy overdue for a ring.
God loves
God loves 5 kun oldin
Jesus loves you and I do to Romans 5:8
Gully Clark
Gully Clark 5 kun oldin
no name
no name 5 kun oldin
Cp3 looks young lol
Blake W
Blake W 4 kun oldin
If you don’t look young at his age, you are living bad
Gully Clark
Gully Clark 5 kun oldin
Mr. T
Mr. T 5 kun oldin
Why cp lookin like bruh from yo gabba gabba
jus 5 kun oldin
why tf does CP3 look like he just came out of goodwill
jus 4 kun oldin
@Jay Slime I’m talking about those glasses and hat, nah but fr tho that shirt is pretty fire
Jay Slime
Jay Slime 4 kun oldin
What goodwill you shop at homie? That shirt is hard as fuck
Efran Kinlecheenie
Efran Kinlecheenie 5 kun oldin
He looks like a good neighbor hahaha
JJ Edwards
JJ Edwards 5 kun oldin
If I could look like that shopping at goodwill I’d be there every day
Andre Avenue
Andre Avenue 5 kun oldin
It was 123 F in Arizona...on 🔥🔥
xavier lopez
xavier lopez 5 kun oldin
I knew as soon as they announced jokic as the mvp cp3 was going to cook tonight
// 5 kun oldin
Had nothing to do with that, tf are you on?
Dwyane Wade
Dwyane Wade 5 kun oldin
Naw I feel like everyone thought Joker was going to cook IMO
Erick 773
Erick 773 5 kun oldin
This nigga Chris Paul stole my syringe for my heroin
DᴇGᴏᴀᴛ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐
Chris Paul: 17pts, 5reb, 15ast 60%Fg 6-10
skrr skrr
skrr skrr 4 kun oldin
@Lando crazy how he really built like a normal ass dude lol. 6 foot flat... normal ass height and doing the things he's doin...!
zarvinny 5 kun oldin
@JJ Edwards point god
Lando 5 kun oldin
@JJ Edwards More impressive is Chris is the smallest out of all those you named.
JJ Edwards
JJ Edwards 5 kun oldin
@Dhruv Gupta CP3 has the best assist to TO ratio out of all the all-time point guards. That includes Magic, Nash, Kidd, Thomas, and Stockton. My point is that it’s impressive but it’s nothing new.
DXream 5 kun oldin
JustLikeBc K
JustLikeBc K 5 kun oldin
Soulja boy really on the suns now 😭😭
Talpak Co.
Talpak Co. 5 kun oldin
Hahahaha the outfit
Man, i thought it was Spike Lee on that thumbnail lol
Bo Rood
Bo Rood 5 kun oldin
LL Fool J!
Adam Hoopengardner
Adam Hoopengardner 5 kun oldin
I want that shirt
Danny Dolan
Danny Dolan 5 kun oldin
He looks like PaRappa the Rapper
JP 5 kun oldin
Can anyone name every player on his shirt ??
Fabey S
Fabey S 5 kun oldin
@JJ Edwards aint that derozan?
JJ Edwards
JJ Edwards 5 kun oldin
Yeah they are all currently playing shouldn’t be that hard for anyone except the guy next to PG I can’t make out his face or jersey at all
Dead Internal
Dead Internal 5 kun oldin
It's all fun and games til you run into Brooklyn.
Victor Sanchez
Victor Sanchez 5 kun oldin
Lmfao we gunna slap them up in 5 ...mark my word
Grumpy 1
Grumpy 1 5 kun oldin
...uncle cliff lookin ass ninja!...👀
MVP Simmons
MVP Simmons 5 kun oldin
He got the gaming glasses on?
Sham 5 kun oldin
And people said Houston rockets were crazy for that huge contract extension. He's worth every penny... porzingis on the other hand 😂🤣😂🤣😂
CZN 4 kun oldin
@James Marr so , for you curry is worth 40 only with 30 ppg ( 10 points more ) but not leading a shit ? for me , one of the most matures guys on the league is totally worth it
James Marr
James Marr 4 kun oldin
@CZN exactly, he’s worth ab 25 mil maybe 30🤦‍♂️
Flexnero Flex
Flexnero Flex 5 kun oldin
CZN great on the defensive end too
Deandre Ayton
Deandre Ayton 5 kun oldin
Lmao why porzingis catch a stray like that 😂
CZN 5 kun oldin
@P a team leader with incredible experience , 20 ppg and 8 apg player not worthy ? Lol
Hi im rhei 75
Hi im rhei 75 5 kun oldin
A good point guard comes great skills
RebelDaSoundz 5 kun oldin
CP Injury shoulder injury has disappeared
The Anoying Troll
The Anoying Troll 5 kun oldin
Bol Bol is the key to victory....Start Bol Bol
CPGoat #3
CPGoat #3 5 kun oldin
@Winners Circle don’t matter what he play. Everyone cookin him
Winners Circle
Winners Circle 5 kun oldin
@CPGoat #3 he wouldn’t play center smart ass
CPGoat #3
CPGoat #3 5 kun oldin
That’s like dangling food in front of ayton’s face. Ayton is torching skinny ass bol. And
Anthony Edwards
Anthony Edwards 5 kun oldin
Here for the comments on his outfit 😭
hkhvr13 5 kun oldin
@BMarsh BOXING in the middle of June lol
BMarsh BOXING 5 kun oldin
He wearing a winter ski hat in Phoenix AZ🤦‍♂️
Kanye North
Kanye North 5 kun oldin
Dude looks like Shock G, when he gonna do the Humpty Dance!?
dvs620 4 kun oldin
Seriously guys, this comment deserves way more than 6 likes. If you weren't down with Digital Underground, I'm not fucking with you.
dvs620 4 kun oldin
Tyrone Biggums really cleaned up. No more crack, no more Red Balls, no more dog food.
Shon Hartvigsen
Shon Hartvigsen 5 kun oldin
Year of the CP3
Talpak Co.
Talpak Co. 5 kun oldin
Kyle Montero
Kyle Montero 5 kun oldin
Cliff Paul from statefarm taking care of the interview.
Anonymous 5 kun oldin
Suns in 4
Moodfood100 5 kun oldin
Hopefully in 5 or 6 instead
Obvious Troll That Baited You
Joel Embiid Owns Jokic
Wayyy better than overrated jokic
DBook_Herro 5 kun oldin
Point GAWD 🔥🔥
Manuel Beltran
Manuel Beltran 5 kun oldin
Mushmouth beanie
SS 5 kun oldin
This might be the year
Donte Watson
Donte Watson 5 kun oldin
They making it to the finals but I don’t see them beating Brooklyn even tho I don’t want Brooklyn to win. 💀
kaelinthewater 5 kun oldin
We’re three series wins away from that yet
CM2Saucy 5 kun oldin
JT And CJ 5 kun oldin
Hoodiegangcrew 5 kun oldin
Lest gooo
Andrew A
Andrew A 5 kun oldin
Dan Sherwood
Dan Sherwood 5 kun oldin
And dribbled in it!
mike Panthermike
mike Panthermike 5 kun oldin
@Dan Sherwood pooped on the floor
Dan Sherwood
Dan Sherwood 5 kun oldin
Wet the bed, or...crapped the diaper?
RebelDaSoundz 5 kun oldin
The false narrative of Lebron being the goat is OVER!!! LeBUM wet the bed in Game 6
gotohellpunk 5 kun oldin
Never stop commenting bro!
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