🎤 Donovan Mitchell on Dwyane Wade as a Mentor 🎤 |  

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8-Iyn, 2021



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George Blizerkerman
Dwayne wade's disappointed his son isn't capable enough to be his successor so he choose Mitchell instead.
Freed by Yeshua
Freed by Yeshua 5 kun oldin
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SP DM 5 kun oldin
Dwade???? 🤢🤮🤮🤮
Huddy 23
Huddy 23 5 kun oldin
Spider is inspirational🙏🏼
I have a lash in my 3rd EYE
This Young Man is the goods. Wait until he gets a higher B-Ball IQ. Scary
Apple Jack
Apple Jack 5 kun oldin
Go jazz
Harold 5 kun oldin
Even though he can't run his Wife's house, he's a good basketball mentor.
IMA Knock Em OUT
IMA Knock Em OUT 5 kun oldin
Wow Smh
BrayUzumaki 5 kun oldin
I was just saying as Dwayne was teaching Spida that his game literally looks exactly like Wade's just Spida can shoot the 3 ball better. But yeah.
Carl Max
Carl Max 6 kun oldin
Man!Mitchell is scary that he could be better than Dwade ever was not gonna lie
gregory parker
gregory parker 6 kun oldin
Aww it’s lil Zaya wade reincarnated
Hole Pockets Fam
Hole Pockets Fam 6 kun oldin
Rick NorCal
Rick NorCal 6 kun oldin
Donovan does mirror DWade’s game. Same under sized, athletic shooting guards...Wade is a bit more explosive but Mitchell is a superior 3pt shooter.
Rick NorCal
Rick NorCal 6 kun oldin
@Zo agree bro! Future is bright for Mitchell.
Zo 6 kun oldin
I think Dwade is more slick and flashy, but not explosive. Or maybe not more explosive than Mitchell is. This man has had his explosive plays. But Mitchell most definitely is a better perimeter shooter
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry 6 kun oldin
"He kept giving me a 9 out of 10 rating, so I kept working hard."
Statistics 6 kun oldin
Reminiscent of D wade 2006 playoffs once a legend always a legend.
lukadagoat 6 kun oldin
love u donovan
LeBeautiful 6 kun oldin
that's D'Wade!!
Ryan Brett
Ryan Brett 6 kun oldin
One of the most exciting players in the NBA for SURE
Keldon Johnson ➌
Keldon Johnson ➌ 6 kun oldin
This reminds me like Obi Wan training Anakin like Donovan is the chose one on the Utah Jazz
Apple Jack
Apple Jack 5 kun oldin
ian5TAYSh1fTy 6 kun oldin
Spider’s game mirrors Wade’s .....it’s nearly identical the way he splices through Clips defense like butter to get to rim. He was eating Kennard on the pick and roll
wyleisha17 5 kun oldin
@Eggo Slayer rr
Eggo Slayer
Eggo Slayer 6 kun oldin
Only real differences with their games is that Donovan is a much better outside shooter and Dwade is a better defender. They both just kill it in the playoffs too.
Earnist Se
Earnist Se 6 kun oldin
He got lucky , he won’t perform like this throughout the series . Clippers in 6
Blake W
Blake W 6 kun oldin
@Earnist Se troll 🤡
Ryan Brett
Ryan Brett 6 kun oldin
@Earnist Se You must not have looked, but he's the 6th highest point avg in the playoffs... of all time...
Luke Nipper
Luke Nipper 6 kun oldin
@Earnist Se Ok buddy you're just ignoring everything I said. Ill remember this comment.
Earnist Se
Earnist Se 6 kun oldin
@Luke Nipper clippers in 6
Earnist Se
Earnist Se 6 kun oldin
@Ryan Brett I’ll say it all day every day
Rt 2statez
Rt 2statez 6 kun oldin
I wonder if hes ever seen the old Cusa Marquette Louisville games where Reece Gains & Dwade used to BATTLE EPIC SHIT !!
DᴇGᴏᴀᴛ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐
Donovan Mitchell: 45pts, 3reb, 5ast 53%Fg 16-30
Yeah_Im_Trash 6 kun oldin
Thanks deMar
FANCY 6 kun oldin
Lawrence Cook
Lawrence Cook 6 kun oldin
dwade gives that speech a 9/10
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