KD & Kyrie on the Nets' HUGE Game 2 victory | Postgame Press Conference 

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Kevin Durant \u0026 Kyrie Irving discuss Game 2 vs the Bucks.

Game 3: Thursday, 6/10 7:30pm ET on ESPN

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8-Iyn, 2021



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Zotoro kun
Zotoro kun 4 kun oldin
Kd needs 2 superstars to win a title what a fucking snake.. can score but cannot lead a team without help.
Dave MD
Dave MD 5 kun oldin
This ain't the bubble
ILAZ HASHANI 6 kun oldin
I want bucks to win but idc about the nets
Willie Bateman
Willie Bateman 6 kun oldin
Bk zoo 💯
William Kearney
William Kearney 6 kun oldin
He said love you king , n he has on the ankh, oh yeah baby
Ran Domm
Ran Domm 6 kun oldin
“I love you king” kyrie is so funny
Jayson Baliong
Jayson Baliong 6 kun oldin
puro naman mu allstar mga gago
J. ONeill
J. ONeill 6 kun oldin
KD look like a rich bum
Jon Dave
Jon Dave 6 kun oldin
PurobasrArainternet befour
Keelan Crowder
Keelan Crowder 6 kun oldin
Kd= fancy crackhead
Tazzy TY
Tazzy TY 5 kun oldin
Get some sleep bro
James 6 kun oldin
Oakland A's hat! 🤣😂🤣😂
Jose Mancillas
Jose Mancillas 6 kun oldin
Should of wear the Yankees or Red Sox hat instead
Daniel Chen
Daniel Chen 6 kun oldin
Wow bucks blown up everyone last season this season they get punished by the nets
Brice Farley
Brice Farley 6 kun oldin
The Fuck you got an A's hat on DH
keith freeman
keith freeman 6 kun oldin
Kd with the thug life t 🔥🔥🔥
Matthew 2700
Matthew 2700 6 kun oldin
Nobody in the East shopping them
Tony 6 kun oldin
I think it’s funny that the nets don’t seem to get much hate but everyone hated the heat and their super team. Hmm wonder why… lol
Alen Jimenez
Alen Jimenez 4 kun oldin
@Tony fam it’s either u live under a rock or just dumb in general have you not been seeing before this season and even after the harden trade sixers bucks clippers even some heat fans were all saying shit like there’s only one ball it won’t work and now it’s died down since they’re exposing everyone also did you not watch the Boston series it was boos every time kyrie touched the ball and don’t even get me started on the bronsexuals that were saying the most outrageous crap and then lose in the first round and pull out a list of excuses idk what u talking about no hate u tripping frfr
Tony 4 kun oldin
@Tazzy TY wdym?
Tazzy TY
Tazzy TY 5 kun oldin
I can't believe you even said this
MrRealEstate Boston
KD has a very high basketball acumen. He will coach one day!
Wutta 6 kun oldin
Why kd dressed like a bum
Gotti 5 kun oldin
SP QR 6 kun oldin
KD llooked like he just came out of the shelter
Jose Mancillas
Jose Mancillas 6 kun oldin
Kyrie has been needing a haircut for the longest time too
Jose Mancillas
Jose Mancillas 6 kun oldin
He is cute tho built good - Chris Hansen
Super Mario
Super Mario 6 kun oldin
KD Hat 🔥
Gustavo Ontiveros
Gustavo Ontiveros 6 kun oldin
See KD still got love for the bay!
South Bronx, NY
South Bronx, NY 6 kun oldin
There's no honor in this championship if they win.
BigDawg HunchØ
BigDawg HunchØ 4 kun oldin
@Zotoro kun yet he did got two fmvp finna get his third this year go sit inna corner and cry corny ass lil boy
Zotoro kun
Zotoro kun 4 kun oldin
@BigDawg HunchØ Your snake cant lead
NEO 6 kun oldin
Keep telling yourself that. The only ring that doesn’t count is the 2020 Mickey Mouse ring.
iTs KiNg Ty
iTs KiNg Ty 6 kun oldin
Same as that weak ass bubble championship last year.
BigDawg HunchØ
BigDawg HunchØ 6 kun oldin
Go sit in a corner and cry lol casuals really think their opinion holds weight
Naim Hussain
Naim Hussain 6 kun oldin
Finally group interviews
amir !
amir ! 6 kun oldin
I love KD man I hope he had a good night after that W
Damani brooklyn
Damani brooklyn 6 kun oldin
Where Brooklyn at !!!
Ken 6 kun oldin
KD is the second greatest scorer of all time after MJ
VADWebDev 6 kun oldin
KD boss mode
Sidney Atkins
Sidney Atkins 6 kun oldin
Kevin Kim
Kevin Kim 6 kun oldin
Just give them the title already...
NEDSON 6 kun oldin
its like 2 of the popular kids bullying the foreign exchange student
TU’WHOO 6 kun oldin
Bazooka Blvd
Bazooka Blvd 6 kun oldin
Except they are all off the same ethnic group no matter where they were born…
xoWave 6 kun oldin
Goats taking it home !!
Raza Debbarma
Raza Debbarma 6 kun oldin
How many of u guyz think that Kevin Durant will be final MVP. Raise your Hands 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️
Brotha Blade
Brotha Blade 6 kun oldin
I’d getting his 2pac on the A’s hat Thug life tee shirt... legendary
Miller Correa
Miller Correa 6 kun oldin
This two duo so Good wowww hope brooklyn will champion this year but I'm a Lakers fan♥️
Ivan R.
Ivan R. 6 kun oldin
Hope NBA will stop this joke of making super teams. Players have toomuch power in their hands and they are destroying basketball. Everything started with Lebron and thats why he never be near top 5 players in history.
Damian Presha
Damian Presha 6 kun oldin
Celtics,Spurs,Bulls,Pacers,Raptors,Mavericks,Lakers all existed during that time all competitive matchups. The league still had competition every title the Heat won they earned.
A A 6 kun oldin
Do you realize they are humiliating the bucks without a super team. HARDEN IS OUT
Mike McInnis
Mike McInnis 6 kun oldin
KD can pander to Oakland and Seattle fans with that hat
Lamarius Micou
Lamarius Micou 6 kun oldin
RIP to Tupac, the greatest rapper ever!!! Thug Life!!!
Toney Butler
Toney Butler 6 kun oldin
That's rite
Andrew Goldin
Andrew Goldin 6 kun oldin
@Ken Lil Wayne has no song making ability. Just good flow and melodies. What song is Lil Wayne going to be remembered for? Lollipop?
Lamarius Micou
Lamarius Micou 6 kun oldin
@Ken gtfoh! Lol
Ken 6 kun oldin
He is not the greatest he is overrated lil Wayne is the greatest rapper and kanye is the the greatest artist
Farrell Montejo
Farrell Montejo 6 kun oldin
Kd.fucj Ki.fjck Bg.juck Jh.yuck
African Freak
African Freak 6 kun oldin
Much respect to the Nets. They really won that. Almost everyone including me thought they had shit defense and they proved me wrong. I'm still rooting for the Bucks even if it's 2-0 but gg to the Nets.
A A 6 kun oldin
Mad respect brotha
LBR ENT Or CBG ENT 6 kun oldin
Thanks 6ruh
Andre Avenue
Andre Avenue 6 kun oldin
Where's the all black shades to that Thug Life shirt?
Cecil Boakye
Cecil Boakye 6 kun oldin
Brooklyn is winning this year's championship, if you've got other opinions keep it, they're winning this
max blessed
max blessed 6 kun oldin
anything less would be a failure, don't you think?
Charlez Thompson
Charlez Thompson 6 kun oldin
Hell yeah, their damn nest better than the whole league offensively
Jayden The Goat
Jayden The Goat 6 kun oldin
I agree. Nets let’s go!
Gian Richard Valbuena
@adam phoenix will go out in 4 stop the cap
Gamingwithlanz 6 kun oldin
@Thanos Then beaten by an duos and Durant might keave or Retire after that😂😂🤣
Me2 6 kun oldin
Kyrie's hat is amazing! Shots Fired!!!!
Tsepo ENOUGH 6 kun oldin
Keep it up NETS
Power222 Gaming
Power222 Gaming 6 kun oldin
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan 6 kun oldin
Blake: Ayo Watch & Learn Marv Albert: The *STUFF
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan 6 kun oldin
KD: Transcendent Giannis: Can't Contain
Gabriel Bullard
Gabriel Bullard 6 kun oldin
KD’s hat is 🔥
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan 6 kun oldin
Molly: Abuses Max Stephen A: This Babe
Y4MEE GAMING 6 kun oldin
Nicholas Maccarone
Nicholas Maccarone 6 kun oldin
lets go nets :D there playing amazing, offense and defence!
Crissy G
Crissy G 6 kun oldin
They are going to Win the Championship!!!✔️🔥
Eljhon Christian Valenzuela
@Zotoro kun Still a better offensive player than your favorite player
Eljhon Christian Valenzuela
@Zotoro kun Lol salty LeBron out of the playoffs
Eljhon Christian Valenzuela
@Zotoro kun Baby Thunder and Harden was a 6th man
Zotoro kun
Zotoro kun 4 kun oldin
@BigDawg HunchØ Cant lead a team without superstars
Zotoro kun
Zotoro kun 4 kun oldin
@BigDawg HunchØ Crying snake fans depending their soft idol hahahaha
Mrbeast Old Videos
Mrbeast Old Videos 6 kun oldin
Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed Amenn
Charles Schwartz
Charles Schwartz 6 kun oldin
i dont even believe in god but i feel this good energy my friend
Moses Davis
Moses Davis 6 kun oldin
LesaneM 6 kun oldin
All praise to Allah - Kyrie
Average Twins
Average Twins 6 kun oldin
I've seen you everywhere bro stop trying to get likes and everything man
James Hardy IV
James Hardy IV 6 kun oldin
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