NBA Top 5 Plays Of The Night | June 8, 2021 

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Check out the top-5 plays of the night from today's action!

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8-Iyn, 2021



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Renan Yoanen
Renan Yoanen 3 kun oldin
Cadê o block do Golbert em primeiro caramba!!!!! Deslike
Ker Loz
Ker Loz 5 kun oldin
The rustic paul commonly prepare because pet dolly fade under a rigid cheetah. painful, tender tense height
corentin grisez
corentin grisez 5 kun oldin
Wtf where is the rudy's block ?
Chris Taggart
Chris Taggart 5 kun oldin
Rudy’s block? Hello? This man spent more time rhyming than watching the games
Kali 5 kun oldin
Dafuq is this BS?!😳 Surely Rudy should've been number 1. I bet the NBA will announce Ben Simmons is DPOY next 🙄
ismokewax 5 kun oldin
I respect Capella at #1 to dunk over embiid!!!!! But gobert block was pretty and should have been on here somewhere.
Rhuiz P.
Rhuiz P. 5 kun oldin
Gobert shouldve been number 1 play. Just like the other day when Tory Craig's ally oop didnt make top 5. These editors be slackin and theres only 2 games to cover
Popoy TheGreatOne
Popoy TheGreatOne 5 kun oldin
disliked. rudy #1
Kent Allen
Kent Allen 5 kun oldin
I wonder why they call it the top plays of the night when they don't use the best highlights from the night
Laura Márquez
Laura Márquez 5 kun oldin
Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene acechados..
Interpreter 5 kun oldin
lol no Gobert block? garbage.
Julie Johnson
Julie Johnson 5 kun oldin
Love you all Come to me
TheStepChild 19
TheStepChild 19 5 kun oldin
So no Rudy Gobert game winning block pop If LeBron had a game winning block we’d be seeing/hearing about this for the next couple years!!!!
bryce jones
bryce jones 5 kun oldin
gobert had a game winning block…
B mac
B mac 5 kun oldin
D Mitch dropping his jersey number on folks 45 pts damn ok Spida!!
BR_Zextross 5 kun oldin
Wtf where is Gobert ?
SRIL Art 5 kun oldin
this list is trash
Brian D
Brian D 5 kun oldin
Just to join the masses, how do you not include the biggest block of the season?
andrew renthlei
andrew renthlei 5 kun oldin
Where's gorbert game winning block?
Mattis M
Mattis M 5 kun oldin
Y'all really hating on Rudy Gobert smh
Steve Yorgason
Steve Yorgason 5 kun oldin
a little confused why a game winning play does not make the cut at all. Gobert blocked Morris clean and got the win. Yes Snyder should have called for an intentional foul in the last 8 seconds, but this time the Stifle Tower worked
Ken Vallejos
Ken Vallejos 5 kun oldin
LMAO a game winning block by Rudy isn't number 1, Doesn't crack the top 5. Y'all are making this shit too obvious. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Brandon Gallegos
Brandon Gallegos 5 kun oldin
Wow no Rudy
Tom Baxendale
Tom Baxendale 5 kun oldin
Look, I love Jazz slander as much as the next guy, but why is Gobert’s block not the top play? Come on now
Kam Gree
Kam Gree 5 kun oldin
Where is goberts block lol
SLC Bill
SLC Bill 5 kun oldin
How are you going to leave out the x3 DPOY's game winning block?? By far the best highlight of the night. Disrespectful and churlish
Spencer Hedrick
Spencer Hedrick 5 kun oldin
How could you possibly not include Gobert's game winning shot block? Embarrassing.
Luis Fernando De Farias
Rudy Goberttttt? Are you crazy? It's hypocrisy
GoodShipZion 5 kun oldin
No Gobert block?
Eddy Loki
Eddy Loki 5 kun oldin
Cmon you can do better, maybe a top 10
Zachary Bancroft
Zachary Bancroft 5 kun oldin
Utah had way more exciting and crazy plays than the ones highline here like Bogdpnavics steal into a three or Mitchell's crazy pass as the ball was flying out, or of course goberts game winning block. Lkke why did they pick just some normal plays to highlight?
Portgas D Arthur
Portgas D Arthur 5 kun oldin
You guys should separate the top 5 plays and the top 5 dunks
BIONG RENN 5 kun oldin
srsly. whrs roooddeee?
fliptopstory 5 kun oldin
LMAO. Game winning block not featured? These lists are a joke
Pheng Moua
Pheng Moua 5 kun oldin
No Gobert report?!!!
Mario & Luigi
Mario & Luigi 5 kun oldin
Top plays only shows Gobert getting dunked on.........no love when he actually makes a game saving block 🤔🤷‍♂️
Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson 5 kun oldin
You know they got the list wrong when more people are talking about Rudy's block instead of GOATmentator
J Simmons
J Simmons 5 kun oldin
When did it become a top 5 play to go thru the chest of a defender that has established postition? That being said, Capella is garbage outside of lobs, EMbiid should be averaging 40 a nite on this guy.
Alan Barker
Alan Barker 5 kun oldin
Embiid push dunk on Capella and Cappella alley up dunk in Embid is cool
CT 7
CT 7 5 kun oldin
Yeah these are pretty fair but gobert’s block deserves top 3 for suree
WITH*ONE 12 5 kun oldin
It's unbelievable how Gobert's block isn't even on the list
Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown 5 kun oldin
Your narrator sucks
JDOGFTW 5 kun oldin
Embiid won the game though WTF
ahmed butawan
ahmed butawan 5 kun oldin
Donovan Edwards
Donovan Edwards 5 kun oldin
Traes deep three and the game saving block are not on there?
Lion2Star 5 kun oldin
The block isn't here but the 🐐mentator is so I'm happy
johnny wick
johnny wick 5 kun oldin
Were is the block of rudy....
Jordan Golden
Jordan Golden 5 kun oldin
how did a game winning block in the playoffs not make the top 5
Major Charger
Major Charger 5 kun oldin
the last
the last 6 kun oldin
gobert's game saving block should be the number 1.. I wonder how they pick the daily top play.
Arthur Farquharson Jr
"Milton tilting the game"... Bars!
Austin Eunice
Austin Eunice 6 kun oldin
so lazy every time there is a game on past 10 there is one play, maybe 2 plays from that game. how did they not include the gobert block
PsyQo Somas
PsyQo Somas 6 kun oldin
LMFAO where's Gobert game winning block ????? You guys are crazy
Cristian Dimitricoff
Gobert's block, Bogdanivic's steal and three pointer and at least another three more Utah plays were worth more than what they posted.
Okju Deux-Neuf
Okju Deux-Neuf 6 kun oldin
Rudy ?
Chuck Magno
Chuck Magno 6 kun oldin
Dunking is so overrated and defensive play is underrated. Where’s the game winning block of Rudy?
Emson Vergado
Emson Vergado 6 kun oldin
Where's Gobert game saving block?haha
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson 6 kun oldin
Anaklusmos 6 kun oldin
Milton's tiltin' the action, for goodness Shake! 🔥🔥🔥
Owel Puntil
Owel Puntil 6 kun oldin
Vladyslav Kurbatskyy
Jarvat 6 kun oldin
I want my "2 hands for safety"!.....not
Hamad Rashid
Hamad Rashid 6 kun oldin
Wtf Rudy block is not in the top 5
FATTED 300 6 kun oldin
Great commentator! But Top “10” is necessary. Missing too many quality plays. Game-saving block🧐
FATTED 300 6 kun oldin
For goodness Shake!
FATTED 300 6 kun oldin
Top 10 please
Guillaume Dexter Prod
Rudy's Block ??????????
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro 6 kun oldin
Funtuwatch Taunting
law leyt
law leyt 6 kun oldin
Rudy Gobert 🤡
Augusto Sebastian Garcia
Lol I thought Rudy's block is the no.1 😂
Ronnel Quino
Ronnel Quino 6 kun oldin
GOATMENTATOR is the best🔥
💯. 6 kun oldin
Wheres rudy goberts block?????? Huh??? This video dorsnt make sense.
caden fowler
caden fowler 6 kun oldin
I'm convinced they didn't watch the rest of the jazz game to include the block
Sabien Prissette
Sabien Prissette 5 kun oldin
Yeah, this can be the only reason. They just did it before the end of game.
Ádám Holler
Ádám Holler 6 kun oldin
Ya, like everybody, where the hell is Rudy's game winning block?
Ádám Holler
Ádám Holler 6 kun oldin
The GOATmenntator 😎
Michael Pearson
Michael Pearson 6 kun oldin
Again, the dunks are overrated. Gobert's block and Mitchell's drive past 4 defenders both better than the 2 from that game here
Gustavo Gaviría
Gustavo Gaviría 6 kun oldin
SuperGear360 6 kun oldin
Wheres the Gobert block?
Lj Can
Lj Can 6 kun oldin
The RG clutch block should be there
Josh Galuego
Josh Galuego 6 kun oldin
WTF! Who made this list? 😠
Tonya Phillips
Tonya Phillips 6 kun oldin
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Marc aracil
Marc aracil 6 kun oldin
WTF no Rudy Gobert? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 Ia not april fools day nba 😱🤬
Bisaya Style
Bisaya Style 6 kun oldin
Fuck all of u! Gobert's block that sealed the Jazz win should've been number 1! Bunch of bias shitheads!
S. Jo
S. Jo 6 kun oldin
look at the space between Joel's arm and body. That is "FOUL"
Joshua Wang
Joshua Wang 6 kun oldin
No Robert block ???? How ?
Nursadeen Kaddalan
Nursadeen Kaddalan 6 kun oldin
they just hate Rudy that much .😓
ACDCxFJx23 6 kun oldin
ulysse belkhir
ulysse belkhir 6 kun oldin
And the Rudy's block?????????????
Bowno Hiuson
Bowno Hiuson 6 kun oldin
Where is the iconic Gobert block?? You nba propaganda!!!
Clash W/ Ervine
Clash W/ Ervine 6 kun oldin
Chukwuma Ahuchogu
Chukwuma Ahuchogu 6 kun oldin
Rudy should be number 1 play. The level of disrespect the jazz get is unbelievable.
Albert Solylo
Albert Solylo 6 kun oldin
its ridiculous that Gobert's clutch block ain't even crack the damn list! y'all should fire the person compiling these plays
Pelvis Wrestley
Pelvis Wrestley 6 kun oldin
Embiid is definitely the referees' best girl since Harden. He stiffed Clint like it was the UFC or something.
Verily Verily
Verily Verily 5 kun oldin
And he travelled 🧳
ANIMANIAC TV 6 kun oldin
Are you fooken kiddin meh? Where's mei boy Gobert's weinneng bloock?
nathan_lct 6 kun oldin
c'est quoi cette merde il est où le block de Gobert ??!
Ekisan sa Etivac
Ekisan sa Etivac 6 kun oldin
Gobert should be #1
coopaing 6 kun oldin
Number 1 and number 4 were back-to-back plays. I looked at something else for a few seconds and missed the live version of number 1 unfortunately :'(
pedro Production nz
The man who selected the sh***t not even one play from Utah ,where’s gobert block ,where Mitchell play. Ain’t sh*****t
Jeric Nichole Aviguetero
Gobert's block is the main highlight no doubt
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