NBA Top 5 Plays Of The Night | June 9, 2021 

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Check out the top-5 plays of the night from today's action!

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9-Iyn, 2021



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Jeric Aristoza
Jeric Aristoza 3 kun oldin
Goatmentator throwing bars after bars 😱😱
Greg Baker
Greg Baker 3 kun oldin
Pure poetry this time. 🥲
Ty Key
Ty Key 3 kun oldin
Happy for CP3. Hope he gets that chip.
textmachine09 4 kun oldin
CP3 magic doing its thing on the suns. Just like steve nash did.
Louie Nuesa
Louie Nuesa 4 kun oldin
Goatmentator should be at the no. 1 spot! 😂
13th Exit
13th Exit 4 kun oldin
Those are dope State Farm commercials.
DevSports and Gaming
This rhyming is true greatness
Cora Salas
Cora Salas 4 kun oldin
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Marcos Johnson Noya
NBA: is it a dunk? other good plays: no. NBA: then it's not a highlight.
TakingFlight Sports
top 5 plays < top 10 poster dunks ;)
Hermen van der Linden
CP3 travel
Amiram Peled
Amiram Peled 4 kun oldin
Play 3,4 are better than 1,2
Mirapetitot 4 kun oldin
Jokic's assist to Barton had to be top 5, at least instead of Booker's steal and dunk
Abhijay S
Abhijay S 4 kun oldin
yov the commentary was *** pls
ratuk latuk
ratuk latuk 4 kun oldin
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GoodShipZion 4 kun oldin
I know it's a day late, but Gobert's game winning block should be number 1.
Brigdes Noir
Brigdes Noir 4 kun oldin
In few years or so, people will definitely be kicking themselves in regrets for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency.
MrDumblaz 4 kun oldin
would y'all stop this nonsense with the tyler guy. Fake questions, fake acc thanking for recommendation, go invest your time and money in something better
Adrian William
Adrian William 4 kun oldin
Seeing alot of success stories, he must be honest and trustworthy for people to talk this good about him
Richard David
Richard David 4 kun oldin
Thanks for his recommendation 👍
pinned by pearl Gianni
@Richard David Text him on What's app 👇👇👇
Richard David
Richard David 4 kun oldin
I wanna invest too, how can I get to Mr Benjamin Tyler
ghost666 4 kun oldin
Guillaume Vermaak
Guillaume Vermaak 4 kun oldin
Can somebody just give this guy the courtside Mic already..?
Walid Hassan
Walid Hassan 4 kun oldin
Where mutumbo when ya need him?
Lucky Valera
Lucky Valera 4 kun oldin
Durka Durk
Durka Durk 4 kun oldin
Dan F
Dan F 4 kun oldin
Marquese Chris Paul George Hill
Can Esmer
Can Esmer 4 kun oldin
Man, CP3 is a real killer. This guy one of the most fantastic point guards of the franchise. Smh.
Chris Hargrave
Chris Hargrave 4 kun oldin
I don’t know if anyone had noticed, but this guy is really good at his job. :)
Sean Long
Sean Long 4 kun oldin
The goat is back on a Thursday
FouInn 4 kun oldin
Spartan Kitten
Spartan Kitten 4 kun oldin
I think #4 or #3 were the best plays of the night. Those Oop were fing sick
Vladyslav Kurbatskyy
Alex Triestman
Alex Triestman 4 kun oldin
Might as well just called the vid Chris Paul highlights
King Jake
King Jake 4 kun oldin
Craig’s block which leads to a Saric 3 should be there
Jared Thornhill
Jared Thornhill 4 kun oldin
I guess the commentator just isn’t for me. I have to watch these videos on mute. Clearly majority likes it so 🤘
ahmed butawan
ahmed butawan 4 kun oldin
Maxxim Wissman
Maxxim Wissman 4 kun oldin
I hate the rhyming guy
Nova Red
Nova Red 4 kun oldin
Joshua Tolliver
Joshua Tolliver 4 kun oldin
I hope CP3 wins a ring this season because this season he has a good chance to do it with this suns team
Mario Basic
Mario Basic 4 kun oldin
LOL my boy Saric number 1 grettings from croatia🇭🇷🤘💙
Shod TheGod
Shod TheGod 4 kun oldin
Tunak Tunak Tun
Tunak Tunak Tun 4 kun oldin
that fake was so good. If you look up basketball highlights of no look passes, you can always see the passer getting a slight glimpse of the receiver but in this case CP3 was always looking at his other two teammates and i never caught him glancing at the intended target
Zhenhua Chen
Zhenhua Chen 4 kun oldin
devenr sign CP
けりしけり 4 kun oldin
Chris Paul is No.1‼️
ID: LaMpEr0ugE
ID: LaMpEr0ugE 4 kun oldin
Suns vs jazz would be very fun to watch..
Austin -_-
Austin -_- 4 kun oldin
I can see the Suns vs Nets in the NBA finals
safe toy
safe toy 5 kun oldin
LeBron can't be stopped the GOAT is going to be finals MVP 2021 ! LeBron getting his team new rings soon, fans very lucky to see the Greatest in all NBA history LeBron the King and Finals MVP for 2021 ! LeBron needs to sale the flops better, few more Referee calls would have sealed the playoffs for Lakers. NBA needs a full Recount for Laker games, plus the fouls refs missed, so Lakers can be the Champs 2021 !
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson 5 kun oldin
Jonas Meffert
Jonas Meffert 5 kun oldin
Jokic no look pass is missing!!!!
Slrx 4k
Slrx 4k 5 kun oldin
YouWhoMe 5 kun oldin
At times, these rhymes, are too much
King Pachot
King Pachot 5 kun oldin
Cp3 dominates the top 5 today!!!
David Guevarra
David Guevarra 5 kun oldin
Phoenix Suns top plays of the night
MrPanSzymon 5 kun oldin
Its good to finally see CP3 all over top plays of the night video that far into playoffs. Its gonna be hard with jazz/nets but I wish him that ring. One of the best PGs in nba history
John Dale
John Dale 5 kun oldin
When goatmentator says the dunker's name is A-Aron, he's going to be called A-Aron now
Akuien 5 kun oldin
37 dislikes definitely nuggets fans 🤣🤣
Josèé Primal
Josèé Primal 5 kun oldin
Илья Баландин
CP3 is MVP
荒木碩文 5 kun oldin
Miodrag Radovic
Miodrag Radovic 5 kun oldin
The WOATmentator has done it again! Ruined yet another highlights! He is really terrible.
Nik 5 kun oldin
Chuck knocked the little guy out of the park, its only NBA-like to jump on his wiener and kiss and make up. Smh
Daniel Becerra
Daniel Becerra 5 kun oldin
The abhorrent toast rahilly glue because desk distinctively smile pro a new drawer. open, reflective place
Steve James
Steve James 5 kun oldin
Pretty weak top plays
FUNK !T 5 kun oldin
Just here for the bars!
CP3 aka Point of God 💪💪
patricia jordan
patricia jordan 5 kun oldin
@jeff tanof yes the african american hollywood celebrities do lighten their skin color. Several articles mentioned they use a orange peeling lightening lotion fer.la/72 from japan which easily turns their dark skin light.This is not really surprising these days it seems everybody changes their appearance,they should be honest about it though.
Fabio 5 kun oldin
Yo could anyone help me? I would like to buy a nba jersey and to be honestly i‘m not good informated about it😂 I would appreciated if anyone could help me if the jersey i want to is a fake or real
HanselT86 5 kun oldin
Someone give this commentator a million dollar contract !!!!!!! He give the best top 5 - 10 nba plays of the day
최락용 5 kun oldin
포인트 갓! Cp3
"Paul on Paul and one of them's gotta fall. Chris Paul out there shaking down Paul Millsap and when he gets him leaning on one leg, he cooly dishes this one onto Torrey Craig" damn simple but impressive word play!!
Brenda Johnson
Brenda Johnson 5 kun oldin
The cold bridge positionally mess up because calculator advisably pack until a nutty seat. rightful, godly psychiatrist
Ivan Knows Best DIARY
Mon TzY
Mon TzY 5 kun oldin
CP3 will be trade again Next Season Thanks me Later
MrBatodelima 5 kun oldin
i can't believe this assist isn't in the top 5 night. uzblock.info/post/video/m8xtcGKBdXmCpaw.html
Aleksandar Ačanski
frog man
frog man 5 kun oldin
jokics oop pass shoulda been number one
Arthur Passos
Arthur Passos 5 kun oldin
Was #2 a travel? It seems like that paul holds the ball for a second.
I love this guys flow
musa nike
musa nike 5 kun oldin
Hadi Taleb
Hadi Taleb 5 kun oldin
The Sun is having fun and Chris Paul is number one. Should be a crowd meme for the team fans.
Jesus Loves You
Jesus Loves You 5 kun oldin
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Luke Marcollo
Luke Marcollo 5 kun oldin
"Paul on paul and one of them gotta fall" Goatmentator strikes again
gregory parker
gregory parker 5 kun oldin
Why isn’t Chris paul mvp
David rps
David rps 5 kun oldin
Suns good team
mark flores
mark flores 5 kun oldin
If nuggets have murray they would be in the finals already
Emmanuel Quintana
Emmanuel Quintana 4 kun oldin
I don’t know about all that..
I Judge You
I Judge You 5 kun oldin
Der Muschler
Der Muschler 5 kun oldin
Oh man CP3 is so smooth and makes it look too easy 👌
Uhrich Charles
Uhrich Charles 5 kun oldin
The callous aries psychologically place because poland conventionally blink pace a dead window. unbecoming, fuzzy panther
Nayr Acrebla
Nayr Acrebla 5 kun oldin
Julius 5 kun oldin
Point god
Gabriel Pasco
Gabriel Pasco 5 kun oldin
ga sardinas lng talon ni saric e
Boy Cash-in
Boy Cash-in 5 kun oldin
Where is Bridges dunk.
09lowkey 5 kun oldin
I was hoping for the Jokic dime to Barton, and the Reverse dunk by Bridges.
Van Nguyen
Van Nguyen 4 kun oldin
Stefan Jekic
Stefan Jekic 4 kun oldin
@Chrestian Joseph Capuli I can see GOATmentator inspired you to drop rhymes of your own.
Fuenger Clez
Fuenger Clez 4 kun oldin
Chrestian Joseph Capuli
@09lowkey Yeah that was insane, I thought I was watching Bird's highlights.
09lowkey 5 kun oldin
@Chrestian Joseph Capuli Yeah, that was better than the AG oop.
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 5 kun oldin
Beau Estes (aka GOATMentator which for me is not) needs to be fired from Turner Sports and Time Warner Company for not including Rudy Gobert's game-saving block in Game 1 of the Jazz-Clippers series in the Top 5 Plays. Don't @ me. Those who attempt to do so will be mute.
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 5 kun oldin
@El Peluca I don't care. Rudy's game-saving block shouldn't been there and this is why Estes needs to be fired and that's my very last straw on him.
El Peluca
El Peluca 5 kun oldin
You know he doesn't choose the plays, right?
ebireri ofovwe
ebireri ofovwe 5 kun oldin
Jokic 1-2 pass with Barton should be here
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 5 kun oldin
Beau Estes (aka GOATMentator which for me is not) needs to be retrenched from Turner Sports and Time Warner Company. Period. Don't @ me. Those who attempt to do so will be mute.
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 5 kun oldin
Beau Estes (aka GOATMentator which for me is not) is TRASH, SUCKS, BIAS and BORING!!! He needs to be retrenched from Turner Sports and Time Warner Company. Period. Don't @ me. Those who attempt to do so will be mute.
shanks 5 kun oldin
Goatmentator seems like having a runny nose.
Karan Shisode
Karan Shisode 5 kun oldin
Suns having fun and CP on#1 😁😁
المحترف 5 kun oldin
I think the goatmentator is working behind the scenes as a rapper
Myles Scott
Myles Scott 5 kun oldin
Go suns
Solomon Hii
Solomon Hii 5 kun oldin
Kendall's current bf Booker gonna face her ex, either Griffin or Simmons in the finals...proves that he's the best among them
Monitor 5 kun oldin
And no one cares about any of the Kardashians
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