Nikola Jokic's MVP Award Presentation & Surprise Announcement! 🎤 

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8-Iyn, 2021



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Samuel correal
Samuel correal 17 soat oldin
this MVP award just to get swept by the suns and get ejected when they needed him the most. lol . talk about the "joker"
Arnel Almanzor
Arnel Almanzor Kun oldin
SWEEP! SWEEP! Its epic an MVP was SWEEP!
Arnel Almanzor
Arnel Almanzor 16 soat oldin
@Hector Katsuragi Longshot? Ok! Swept in 4!
Arnel Almanzor
Arnel Almanzor 16 soat oldin
@Hector Katsuragi ofcourse he’s the mvp. No issue with that! It was overshadowed and means nothing coz of d 4-0 swept!
Hector Katsuragi
Hector Katsuragi 16 soat oldin
@Arnel Almanzor Alr I have no fukkin clue what ur saying sooo peace out have fun in english classes! ✌😂💀
Arnel Almanzor
Arnel Almanzor 17 soat oldin
@Hector Katsuragi nice idea! But thanks i dont have to! I dont use it for a living! One more thing i dont jave 2 b good at it too, for me to be HAPPY. SWEEP or BROOM?
Hector Katsuragi
Hector Katsuragi 17 soat oldin
@Arnel Almanzor Nope I could care less tbh. 😂💀 you're just mad Joker is the MVP by a long shot. 😂 Keep crying bro stay mad it's not gonna change the fact that Joker is MVP. 💯😂😂😭💀
Yabas Kun oldin
Adam silver needs to step in and discipline these refs for cheating him out of the suns Series 😤
Arnel Almanzor
Arnel Almanzor Kun oldin
Get ready your brooom! Anyway nuggets is a tanker team they can negotiate for atleast one win for the sake of the so called MVP. What mvp? Go 4-0!
Arnel Almanzor
Arnel Almanzor Kun oldin
@Yabas TANKER does not deserve a ring! Give him BROOM instead!
Arnel Almanzor
Arnel Almanzor Kun oldin
@Yabas does it seems like im praying? Its karma for not playing fair. They TANK its clear as crystal. Ive said it many times TANKING TANKER TEAMS never wins a ring. EVER!
Yabas Kun oldin
Does this make you feel better by continuing to pray on someone else's downfall. Stop commenting you depressing wank
Manuel Ty
Manuel Ty 2 kun oldin
Leonard is MVP
Arnel Almanzor
Arnel Almanzor 2 kun oldin
How many of you SWEEP the floor already? 4-0 MVP? Wow! Epic MVP of all time!
Arnel Almanzor
Arnel Almanzor 3 kun oldin
Give him SOFTBROOM as add on trophy. SWEEP the floor. Floor sounds like 4 as in 4-0. He deserves it too the 1st ever tanker tanking MVP.
Justin Cox
Justin Cox 3 kun oldin
He'll go down as a top 3 center all time
Aleksa Krstić
Aleksa Krstić 4 kun oldin
Idemoo Srbijaaa bravo Joko!
HitmanKing Jay
HitmanKing Jay 4 kun oldin
Curry should have won it
Nebojsa Grabic
Nebojsa Grabic 4 kun oldin
🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸❤️❤️❤️ Ponosni smo
Marko Milosevic
Marko Milosevic 4 kun oldin
sb petro
sb petro 4 kun oldin
Serbia:The best basketball player and the best tennis player. The end.
Takagi Sato
Takagi Sato 4 kun oldin
Nikola Jokic NBA MVP 2021 First SERB that win this Trophy 🏆 He's Gamestyle is from other Universe For All Time in the History of the NBA THE JOKER 🏀 PRROUD of EUROPE and SRBIJA 🇷🇸
Biljana Rakita
Biljana Rakita 4 kun oldin
Bravo Nikola
L C 4 kun oldin
Yog The Barbarian
Yog The Barbarian 4 kun oldin
Black guys must be real pissed now
imded 4 kun oldin
Happy and congratulations Joker!
imded 4 kun oldin
Happy and congratulations Joker!
Sizl Nizle
Sizl Nizle 4 kun oldin
Jokicu, now bring the Denver to Belgrade to play against Partizan or Crvena Zvezda in arena to they see what is the love for club, welcome to Serbia!!!
MaxOnPiano 4 kun oldin
My MVP , nothing else to say
Marko Gagic
Marko Gagic 4 kun oldin
Jokic pokazao da je Srbija zemlja kosarke! ❤️🏀⛹️‍♂️
Joey Thompson
Joey Thompson 4 kun oldin
I was in Denver when this was announced. Unfortunately no one in Denver cares about the Nuggets
shanu Siri
shanu Siri 5 kun oldin
Joker been a joke now what happen what he got the MVP award they went 2 nill. He’s so amazing that’s why they losing. Curry deserve to be the MVP
King JuLs
King JuLs 5 kun oldin
Congrats the joker
nenad 5 kun oldin
there is no greater reward than applause in the studio from shag and barkely👍👍👍
We want final Denver-Atlanta. Forza Denver
AKI MOURATIDIS 5 kun oldin
Next Year Luka Doncic
Kyle Mendoza
Kyle Mendoza 5 kun oldin
Correct me if I'm wrong.. Is he the first center to win an mvp after shaq? Congrats joker.. You truly deserve it!
KDawn TV Channel
KDawn TV Channel 5 kun oldin
Imma Kd and Nets fan but.. Well deserved Jokic congratulations👊
jurij bojka
jurij bojka 5 kun oldin
I am so happy that a don't desc ribe!!! 😃😃😃🥰🥰🥰❤️💔❣️🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Marija Panic
Marija Panic 5 kun oldin
Svaka cast legendo
petargreat12 5 kun oldin
Kralju svaka čast, ceo Balkan se ponosi tobom
adonis pando
adonis pando 5 kun oldin
Congratulations Nikola Jogic
BRBallin1 5 kun oldin
Really love seeing the small market team guys winning these awards.
Rass B
Rass B 5 kun oldin
In order to win MVP you need to win for vote..sad NBA
Arman Joshan
Arman Joshan 5 kun oldin
This guy doesn’t dereve mvp curry deserves it he drooped about 5 10 + 3 point games jokic is just a good tall player he ain’t a game changer curry is the real mvp
Arman Joshan
Arman Joshan 5 kun oldin
This guy is not better than steph curry jokic
Alejandro Rivas
Alejandro Rivas 5 kun oldin
Hes gonna to receive a trophy before game?? Id like to see it
Jeric Pasadilla
Jeric Pasadilla 5 kun oldin
Congrats joker dut i think suns win this series
Kelvin Birch
Kelvin Birch 5 kun oldin
He deserves this moment about time the big men getting credit
mark Escario
mark Escario 5 kun oldin
He innovates the big man role.
Real Stranden
Real Stranden 5 kun oldin
Kobe bryant smilling in heaven right now, he knew what was making. Greatness appreciate greatness
Nexis Corbin
Nexis Corbin 5 kun oldin
The cautious slipper certainly saw because instruction joly attract modulo a talented bathroom. slippery, oceanic pants
Klarens Sedorf
Klarens Sedorf 5 kun oldin
Josh Pryor
Josh Pryor 5 kun oldin
He thanked his team mates? Why didn't he thank Kevin Durant's mum? :)
Josh Pryor
Josh Pryor 5 kun oldin
Imagine if Yugoslavia was still a country and could play Doncic alongside Jokic, as well as all the other good slavic/balkan players?
Mateo Jurić
Mateo Jurić 5 kun oldin
No Serbia doing good and without them
John Benedict Gonzaga
D fuck,,Steph deserve the MVP,,Silver ur none.
Emeka American
Emeka American 5 kun oldin
Shaq was the last center to win MVP until Jokic.
Brody Miller
Brody Miller 5 kun oldin
This guy was asleep when he got drafted
Great guy. Great player. He deserve it.
Nin Ho
Nin Ho 5 kun oldin
Very Unselfish, Very skilled and Very High IQ Basketball player. One of the Most Unguardable players right now..Congrats Nikola Jokic.
Lindberg1984 5 kun oldin
Congratulations to the Joker.. Well deserved!
Rex ashley Navarro
Rex ashley Navarro 5 kun oldin
Congratulations nikola jokic
Roel A.
Roel A. 5 kun oldin
He deserves to be an mvp.... Congrats...
milivoje stankovic
milivoje stankovic 5 kun oldin
Vasili micic serbia- Evropa Mvp, nikola jokic serbia - nba mvp... Lol serbi
Marcos Reid
Marcos Reid 5 kun oldin
The depressed examination reassembly grate because meter tinctorially greet unto a shivering stone. annoying, berserk digestion
Jose Dobrik
Jose Dobrik 5 kun oldin
Cap BOL BOL the MVP😤
Milos Miletic
Milos Miletic 5 kun oldin
Zion_23 5 kun oldin
I was watching Pokémon for 5 hours
Mohammed Ali Khan
Mohammed Ali Khan 5 kun oldin
Love the bond between Michael Malone and Jokic. Coach Malone really loves him like his own son. ❤️
steal bar
steal bar 5 kun oldin
he's a rounded player does it all. one of the greats now.,
Joel Embiid Owns Jokic
Mickey mouse mvp
Guerrini1975 5 kun oldin
And I am still crying....Bravo Nikola...I gave your name to my son who is now 6!!! Bravo care!!!
Bojan Andrijin
Bojan Andrijin 5 kun oldin
Diwa Alejandro Galvez
Very deserving. His humility is a direct contrast to Embiid's :)
Mirko Markovic
Mirko Markovic 5 kun oldin
Nikola Jokica and Denver to the title🏀🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Sazke Macalalad
Sazke Macalalad 5 kun oldin
Well deserved no doubt
Lucas Fardim
Lucas Fardim 5 kun oldin
I wait for this so long 😍
Mjorful 5 kun oldin
Predragon 5 kun oldin
its beyond time Joker gets those endorsements from Taco Bell and Toyota considering he was key component of best commercial deal they ever made (plus both were quite prophetic featuring super combos and unicorns )...and can't think of better guy to endorse Burito then Jokic LOL
Sugarist0 5 kun oldin
Can we talk about how Embiid got more votes than Curry? Like, I know the nba looks at seedings but r we giving up on the most valuable player part now?
alexandre rodrigo
alexandre rodrigo 5 kun oldin
Joker 🙅🏻‍♂️
Esca Bron
Esca Bron 5 kun oldin
The Nuggets got a MVP & 6ManOfTheYear.. That will make them championship bound..
Famous Infamous
Famous Infamous 5 kun oldin
And he is top 5 Unguardable!
Famous Infamous
Famous Infamous 5 kun oldin
They got it right! The only reason anyone disagrees is because they weren't a loosing Team that he had to drag into the playins! But he is an underdog that has successfully led a talented young Team into the playoffs without their"Star Player" Their "Star Player"! Not other Star Player! He closes Big games and all while staying down to earth literally and figuratively! Well deserved Mr. Jokic!
Ђорђе Сарић
Mimi Dr Lav
Mimi Dr Lav 5 kun oldin
Volite cela Srbija Nikola 👊🏻🏀
1312 5 kun oldin
Svaka cast brate
frenk kersnik
frenk kersnik 5 kun oldin
Bravo Nikola ti si CAR :)
Милош 5 kun oldin
Ponosu nas! Zbog vas momci, zbog vas kosarkasa, samo zbog vas volim ovu nasu zemlju, jedini ste vi svetlo u njoj koje ja trenutno vidim!
ol ol
ol ol 5 kun oldin
I'm a curry fan but jokic really deserves it too congrats to him and the denver fans
Sushinosaurus Rex
Sushinosaurus Rex 5 kun oldin
he derserves it happy for hm!
Martin Rakic
Martin Rakic 5 kun oldin
The real MVP!!!
Bojan Milic
Bojan Milic 5 kun oldin
Toooo srbine 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
trapperz united
trapperz united 5 kun oldin
Patrick Beverly got robbed for the 5th time in a row now
Viktor Tumbov
Viktor Tumbov 5 kun oldin
Jokaraa najboljiii🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
김지훈 5 kun oldin
Jeff T
Jeff T 5 kun oldin
Jokic deserved it. He's one of a kind
No mercy
No mercy 5 kun oldin
Zazlusio si nikola , porzdrav iz hrvatske!
Edwin Lacbay
Edwin Lacbay 5 kun oldin
Very obvious he aimed the MVP award. No assist anymore after the regular season🤣
Lazar Hrebeljanovic
Best od the best!
Filip Ristić
Filip Ristić 6 kun oldin
The true leader, true MVP, 91 of 101 votes, true sportsmen and an amazing person, believe me. ❤👑
Thoughts 6 kun oldin
Tooo je to breeee jokicuuuuu
2kSportz BALKANAX 6 kun oldin
A TAco wins MVP , look Jokic draft u will see how jokic look like of court ..he was drafted between a Taco Commercial ..lol
Alexander McDonald
Alexander McDonald 6 kun oldin
Nobody deserved this award more than him. Not even close
Branko Todorovic
Branko Todorovic 6 kun oldin
Serbija 🙌🇷🇸💟
Sammy joseph Cariaga
Congratulations the JOKER 💪, Im not a nugget fan, but i have a respect his team
Carl Max
Carl Max 6 kun oldin
Well Deserved!
Bryant Mcelroy
Bryant Mcelroy 6 kun oldin
This guy is amazing. What a privilege to watch him work especially since he plays for my team.
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