Nikola Jokic Top 10 Plays of the Year! 🃏 

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9-Iyn, 2021



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Daniel Buezo
Daniel Buezo 5 soat oldin
Aight but what’s up with the nickname “joker”? Such an annoying nickname. He resembles nothing of the Joker I feel like these commenters feel pressured into coming up with nicknames.
limptastic genesis
limptastic genesis 15 soat oldin
People are saying he’s a bust for MVP because they didn’t make it out of the 2nd round. Hard to do that when your second scorer is Monte Morris. Love Monte, but come on...
Warrior Kidz
Warrior Kidz 21 soat oldin
The Joker got clapped by the Suns and got swept LOL 😂
Milan Đukić
Milan Đukić Kun oldin
Wow.... just wow..... I could watch him all day long :) Go Jokic
T K 2 kun oldin
Its all basic stuff from him. Is this highlights?
Michael Santoso
Michael Santoso 2 kun oldin
Jokic no joke!!! 👍👍👍
crazy horse
crazy horse 2 kun oldin
Fun to watch him.
2 Corinthians 12:10 Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.
JOHN NGO 2 kun oldin
The laughable finger intuitively train because farmer preferably happen throughout a poised apparel. colorful, valuable loan
Dhamma Gavesi
Dhamma Gavesi 2 kun oldin
Alternamaton 3 kun oldin
The only problem with this list is the inclusion of the two pedestrian dunks. Yeah, it shows that Jokic has gotten in better shape, but neither of those plays were in his top 100 for the year. It doesn’t have to be all assists and Sombor Shuffles either. You could make a top 25 out of just him scoring in the post in ways that were more impressive than those dunks.
RAYS REALM 3 kun oldin
*Who’s the best passing center of all time?*
Ethan Howard
Ethan Howard 3 kun oldin
Tf are these highlights? He’s got so many better plays.
That Guy Donny
That Guy Donny 3 kun oldin
They need to post more of his 3 point shots. Just the way he shoots it over everybody and still makes it in, is just so flawless!
That Guy Donny
That Guy Donny 3 kun oldin
Number 8 was a straight up video game move
IceMan Cometh
IceMan Cometh 3 kun oldin
You could make a top 100 plays of Joker and I don't a single one would be a dunk lol
032HULK 3 kun oldin
Game changer.
Re1ive 3 kun oldin
This is such a bad top 10 list, whoever compiles these needs to learn that dunks aren't always a highlight
Ethan Howard
Ethan Howard 3 kun oldin
Fr. He has so many better plays.
dexrock dexrock
dexrock dexrock 3 kun oldin
Fabio 3 kun oldin
La lakers nike jersey 69inch and 165lbs which size?
Sir Eren
Sir Eren 4 kun oldin
Imagine if the joker plays quarterback in american football league😃... brady will be forgotten😂
Na No
Na No 4 kun oldin
You really cant hate this guy. glad hes the mvp
Gabriel Mella
Gabriel Mella 3 kun oldin
Bored player lmao
macki 1000
macki 1000 4 kun oldin
Nathanael West
Nathanael West 4 kun oldin
Best thing about him is how little chances of getting injured he has. He plays so nonchalantly and patiently, he barely separates from the ground man, rarely jumps, dunks... he has tremendous court vision, he's like control tower on the court, makes his teammates not just better, he makes them the best they can be... i mean he didn't miss a game this season, only thing i can imagine he hurts would be finger or something like that haha
My Comment
My Comment 12 soat oldin
mvp for very good reasons
Nathanael West
Nathanael West 2 kun oldin
True artist surely
David Radevic
David Radevic 3 kun oldin
Nice comment!
roljavi 4 kun oldin
So, no block on Zion's attempt to dunk which won the game?
Fil Cjz
Fil Cjz 4 kun oldin
Damn his pass is so accurate
R D 4 kun oldin
Pure Magic.
Carla Dungca
Carla Dungca 4 kun oldin
his assist to gary harris vs okc should also be included here.
Jordan Hamer
Jordan Hamer 4 kun oldin
Bird 2.0
Bruno Cruz
Bruno Cruz 4 kun oldin
Worst mvp ever 😢🤮
Drake Wilson
Drake Wilson 4 kun oldin
The thing is you can never double team him cause he can find the open man, but he can take anyone in the league in the post. Unstoppable
Abhinav Meda
Abhinav Meda 4 kun oldin
I'm just glad Embiid didn't get it
Uros Mitrovic
Uros Mitrovic 4 kun oldin
This is Top 10 plays in one game , cause he is doing these on daily basis.
Matt Ridge
Matt Ridge 4 kun oldin
That spin out of the post is gorgeous.
Roxwon 4 kun oldin
Jokić should be playing in Air Monarchs
Aušvis 4 kun oldin
After Arvydas Sabonis there was born Nikola Jokic.
Godfrey 4 kun oldin
Богољуб Теофиловић
the MVP in slow motion 😉
Gabriel Mella
Gabriel Mella 3 kun oldin
Bored player
De Vo Geschter 4/3
De Vo Geschter 4/3 4 kun oldin
JOKIC 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Србија Србима
MVP! 🇷🇸
Walid Hassan
Walid Hassan 4 kun oldin
Steph curry: all those great plays for nothing 😑
Србољуб Србић
Лик спојио одбојку, рукомет и кошарку у једну игру. Генијалац! 🇷🇸
Zoran Nikolic
Zoran Nikolic 4 kun oldin
to je nas sport
jay Mamba
jay Mamba 4 kun oldin
is it me? or jokic and luka looks like the same jumpshot form?
Четник 4 kun oldin
Divite se Ameri 🥱❤
Четник 4 kun oldin
Arthur Picanco
Arthur Picanco 4 kun oldin
This is how you play basketball. Wish he was a Celtic.
Mihajlo Lazic
Mihajlo Lazic 5 kun oldin
who tf made this he had many better plays
SILVERNITO 5 kun oldin
jetblue31skies 5 kun oldin
Best QB in Denver
Riley William
Riley William 5 kun oldin
Yep, he can pass.
Kk 23
Kk 23 5 kun oldin
Dani Messina
Dani Messina 5 kun oldin
Pablo Solimeo
Pablo Solimeo 5 kun oldin
WELL DESERVED MVP, what a historic season it was for Jokic
BartulaEZ 5 kun oldin
-- 5 kun oldin
It's good to be a namesake with this man these days :D Doktor Jokara!
asoy mark kevin
asoy mark kevin 5 kun oldin
It's ahh MVP mode.🔥
charles417 5 kun oldin
someday #15 will be at the denver nuggets rafters... im sorry melo but it will be for JOKIC
blabla bla
blabla bla 5 kun oldin
If this was MARKIF MORRIS thi video would have 500k xD
Ralph F
Ralph F 5 kun oldin
The cameraman for the last clip is underrated.
James Robinson
James Robinson 5 kun oldin
Seriously those are his top 10 plays? Some nice passes and a few Brittney Griner dunks! That's the MVP? Great number. yeah I know. Played every game...yep, got it...but come on! And they just went down 0-2 against the Suns. Isn't your MVP suppose to lead or take over? Flex his muscles and show everyone what's up...Okay if you say so....
Trug Nguyễn
Trug Nguyễn 5 kun oldin
trung phong tốn bóng quá =) chắc chỉ chơi đc cho Denver
Ruatfela Chhakchhuak
Jokic show the dunker is not good enough NBA MVP
Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy
Nikola plays 10: ballet 9: valleyball 6: american football 5: baseball sidearm throw 1: cricket
Dhamma Gavesi
Dhamma Gavesi 2 kun oldin
And 'waterpolo' passes... Wow
QuarkGluon Plasma
QuarkGluon Plasma 4 kun oldin
Exactly. Waterpolo as well
Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy
@Matt Robson uzblock.info/post/video/3bpsjKmapK-OiHo.html
lncreasingIy 4 kun oldin
Valley ball
WWE is my city
WWE is my city 4 kun oldin
@Matt Robson I guess it's because of the motion of Jokic's hand and the ball.
tahjamal Bryan
tahjamal Bryan 5 kun oldin
ziya sarkmaz
ziya sarkmaz 5 kun oldin
he is joker
Joshua Park
Joshua Park 5 kun oldin
Fanai Armstrong
Fanai Armstrong 5 kun oldin
Well looks the nuggets not retiring Melos jerseys now
Gregory Edwards
Gregory Edwards 5 kun oldin
Congrats to the Joker winning mvp. He deserves this. 26 points a game, 10 rebounds, also over 8 assists this season and he’s a center doing this, A CENTER. And come to think of it. Is Jokic the only nugget to win mvp. I think so but I’m not sure.
chan robspierre
chan robspierre 5 kun oldin
that's why embiid cry
prodragon123456 5 kun oldin
No flashy pass just doing amazing things everyday
Desha001 5 kun oldin
MVP! 🔥
A-Rod 5 kun oldin
Literally the joker
carlmj16 5 kun oldin
Dang I didn’t know Vlade Divac could throw down like this.
VegasOdds 5 kun oldin
Some great plays - getting hype for Nuggets v Suns tonight!
foxxrider250r 5 kun oldin
That's an MVP: Making the people around you better
Iambriangregory Kun oldin
@Manuel Arango it's quite obvious that you're comment is based on your habits and your other pothead friends but just because you are associated with meth heads and potheads doesn't mean everybody on the comment page is ,so please try to keep your drug-induced comments to yourself because you're off topic and showing how that's affected your basketball Alsatian like a drug addict ,that being said once you come out of your drug-induced stupor you'll come to realize that what I said is true and that you are a basketball imbecile! everybody does make everybody better! have you ever seen a basketball game you basketball kindergartener? A guy that makes the assist is helped by the guy running the floor and putting himself in the right position and making a shot making the passer better have you got that basketball jerkula? before you start commenting again in your drug-induced ignorant stupor? Rack it!! Stack it! And you're better back it!
Manuel Arango
Manuel Arango Kun oldin
@Iambriangregory first comment: nobody makes anybody better second comment: everybody’s making everybody better Again, what are you smoking bro
Iambriangregory 4 kun oldin
@foxxrider250r you understood me perfectly well and I understood you perfectly well and I understand what you mean by assist and did you not understand me when I said that they have to put themself in the position to make the assist possible in the first place ?don't forget that the guys got to run the floor and they have to make the shot so everybody's making everybody better so now you know what I'm talking about? Rack it! Stack it! That's the fact jack!
foxxrider250r 4 kun oldin
@Iambriangregory what are you smoking bro. I'm talking about all his great assists
Iambriangregory 4 kun oldin
CLICHE stupid basketball statement ,nobody makes anybody better e,verybody works individually on a team in business in sports and they put themselves in the position to get the pass thus making joker better so stop that stupid basketball cliche statement making somebody better, because nobody is superior to anybody because eventually you're going to see the truth and it's going to hurt you when you find that out if you haven't already. he's a very good player he's not breaking any records give him his due but not too much because then it's phony
Lap Lap Ricky Fung
Lap Lap Ricky Fung 5 kun oldin
MrZrazies 5 kun oldin
Most of them just a pass... oh Assist. And same moves. Ok. Cool. “ well Least LeFlop don’t win mvp.
Bella The kitten
Bella The kitten 5 kun oldin
0:49 Honestly I've never seen a pass like this on a basketball court before in my life..
Denis Marinjes
Denis Marinjes 4 kun oldin
@QuarkGluon Plasma i think jokic is the only one. He also did passes like this several times. I think because he is so big it helps to make this kind of pass
QuarkGluon Plasma
QuarkGluon Plasma 4 kun oldin
@YTEvids But why then no one did and does ?
William Ingwerson
William Ingwerson 4 kun oldin
@YTEvids it'd get stolen and you probably don't have the creativity or touch to actually pull it off
Србољуб Србић
Нећеш ни видети! 🇷🇸
YTEvids 5 kun oldin
Me either, but let’s be honest.. we ALL can do that -_-
Darko Vasić
Darko Vasić 5 kun oldin
Baseball, football, volleyball, water polo pass! What's next? 😂
Darko Vasić
Darko Vasić 3 kun oldin
@Inside Out Denver training 🤣 uzblock.info/post/video/sJhnfZVpl2twbGk.html
Inside Out
Inside Out 3 kun oldin
Isaac Gull
Isaac Gull 4 kun oldin
Badminton, lacrosse, hockey.
Class Genius
Class Genius 5 kun oldin
Not impressed at all
Belkis Diaz
Belkis Diaz 5 kun oldin
J C 5 kun oldin
Belkis Diaz
Belkis Diaz 5 kun oldin
Jason Brown
Jason Brown 5 kun oldin
Ironically enough NJ INJI 10-14% Of theworldspopolation17thpersonalityofphysologyibelieve
Asham abdul Abubakkar
Currysexuals, respect on his name. He Deserves the MVP. They're still Championship contender without Murray, Jokic makes his team better, Curry isn't. Jokic is better IQ, passer, rebounder, defender, curry is just better in scoring. Where's curry anyway? In the cancun😭😭😭😭 don't cry delusional curry fanboys. Give it to jokic. That man change the game with his playing style and his story is truly inspirational.
chan robspierre
chan robspierre 5 kun oldin
same message to joel embelievers
Its merrr
Its merrr 5 kun oldin
He’s so tuff to be that tall😂
Marcelo Esteban Silva
Poné el Top 10 de Campazzo papá!!
Genchang Peng
Genchang Peng 5 kun oldin
He is the Larry Bird at the center position
j b
j b 5 kun oldin
He will retire as a Top 10 Centers of all time
abecedarian _1
abecedarian _1 3 kun oldin
@DVS Crisis and cousy and I would say Nash but that one is debatable
abecedarian _1
abecedarian _1 3 kun oldin
@DVS Crisis also Frazier
abecedarian _1
abecedarian _1 3 kun oldin
@DVS Crisis Chris Paul> Jason Kidd, Nate Archibald and westbrook
DVS Crisis
DVS Crisis 4 kun oldin
@ItzTriMax bro u dum af
ItzTriMax 4 kun oldin
@DVS Crisis and some of the players you named don’t have 3 chips. Idk if that goes for pgs also but not all the top 10 centers have 3 chips or more
duka ivan
duka ivan 5 kun oldin
3:18 this is the best pass I ever seen, Jokic is just amazing!
Mot Koaiu
Mot Koaiu 5 kun oldin
dumb name
dumb name 5 kun oldin
@Mateu Villanueva That was an amazing pass, but probably the best I’ve ever seen is that Magic pass where he fakes it with one hand, then throws it in the opposite direction without switching hands. And I know it doesn’t count, but the elbow pass is sick.
Mateu Villanueva
Mateu Villanueva 5 kun oldin
respect to jokic, but man that’s nothing. if you watch a magic johnson highlight mixtape you will be blown away just like i was lol
Politically Incorrect
Most of the haters don't like him because he is European 😂
discon nected
discon nected 5 kun oldin
He is Serbian! 😁
Bozha Kapetanovic
Bozha Kapetanovic 5 kun oldin
Serbian machine! Serbia have NBA MVP and Euroleauge MVP!
Inside Out
Inside Out 3 kun oldin
Eurocup also!
OKIMAN 5 kun oldin
Se lo ha ganado y me cae genial!!
Deondre Clark
Deondre Clark 5 kun oldin
Passing GOD
Belkis Diaz
Belkis Diaz 5 kun oldin
Dickerson Elliot
Dickerson Elliot 5 kun oldin
The perfect pair gully borrow because manx climatologically suffer a a foregoing jumper. narrow, perpetual control
Golden Kingdom
Golden Kingdom 5 kun oldin
*Let's just all take some time to appreciate the fact that the NBA got rid of that stupid (NBA Award Show) idea. Now we don't have to wait for the end of the season to find out who won what award*
Bruno Correa
Bruno Correa Kun oldin
@Fred Rogers true
Fred Rogers
Fred Rogers 5 kun oldin
But we had to wait until the second round of the playoffs to know who won MVP lol.
Golden Kingdom
Golden Kingdom 5 kun oldin
@Jason De Silva well, let's just hope it's a permanent change
Jason De Silva
Jason De Silva 5 kun oldin
its cancelled cause of covid lol
OTREBLA 5 kun oldin
God Joker!
xJAST_23 5 kun oldin
Andrew DeHerrera
Andrew DeHerrera 5 kun oldin
Casual 🤡
Andrew DeHerrera
Andrew DeHerrera 5 kun oldin
Better then KD, curry, Allen iverson, and Karl malones MVP seasons they only won because of their points unlike the rest like D rose, Steve nash Shaq and lebron. Jokic had a MVP season like them doing way more then just score
isaac baloncesto
isaac baloncesto 5 kun oldin
Buena jugada
CHAMPbastien 5 kun oldin
idk how this equals MVP but ok
Belkis Diaz
Belkis Diaz 5 kun oldin
Andrew DeHerrera
Andrew DeHerrera 5 kun oldin
@CHAMPbastien , wtf are you even talking about lmao he’s taller then dirk; his seasons better then dirks MVP season, but my boy Rudy gobert!?!? Wtf Jokic is literally goberts dad, Jokic torches him every game they play gobert doesn’t even come close to Jokic
CHAMPbastien 5 kun oldin
@Andrew DeHerrera Thats just not true at all, rudy would mop the floor with him if you just wanna talk big men.... not to mention scoring is one small part of basketball... hes just a little bit smaller worse version of dirk...
Andrew DeHerrera
Andrew DeHerrera 5 kun oldin
Cuz try to stop him casual embiid gets shiz on, every big man gets shiz on no one can guard Jokic the best player in the league
Mo 5 kun oldin
Look at Jokic man
Belkis Diaz
Belkis Diaz 5 kun oldin
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